Our areas of operation cover all facets of international shipping business

In 2004 and after the sale of Naviera F. Tapias to the multinational Teekay Corporation, F. Tapias Desarrollos Empresariales and F. Tapias Grupo were created, to develop activities in different business sectors, mainly in the maritime sector, with an extensive and proven experience.


In the year 2008 is F. Tapias Mexico S.A de C.V. started its activities with two contracts with PEMEX Refining in Bareboat and with a duration of ten years.

We distribute fuel in 20 provinces in Spain, with CEPSA

Ground transportation is carried along through La Petrolífera Transportes, S.A. and its subsidiary Logigas, SA. Its activity is the distribution and road transport of gasoline, diesel and fuel oils. Both companies achieve the highest standards of quality and safety, as demonstrated by its certifications: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001 and Squas.

This company was acquired in 1999. Since then the growth of its activity has sustained an average annual increase of 3%, in line with the change in the national fuel consumption.

Through contracts with the Spanish oil and gas company CEPSA, it distributes its fuel along with its subsidiary Logigas in 20 Spanish provinces. It provides an average of 500 daily supplies, by means of a fleet of 100 tractors, 120 tanks and 80 rigid vehicles, covering 13 million miles a year and supplying 2 million tonnes of products to service stations, agricultural cooperatives, the army, hospitals, fuel for home service, etc. The distribution is carried out via modern programming systems, optimization, real-time tracking and GPS vehicle tracking.