F. Tapias Shipowner

Naviera F. Tapias(NFT)/ F. Tapias Shipowner, in its day the most important oil specialized shipping company in Spain and the third most important in Europe, until its sale in 2004 to Teekay Corporation. An experienced leader in the competitive segment of the Suezmax tankers. Ships operated to the satisfaction of the world´s most demanding 'Oil Majors'.


In 2000, F. Tapias Shipowner spread in the natural gas market  commissioning 4 LNGs of ca. 140,000 m3 chartered to REPSOL YPF, Gas Natural SDG and Union Fenosa on a "Time Charter" long term basis. From that moment F. Tapias Shipping Compnay turned its strategy to grow both in the oil market and the gas market, through direct long-term contracts with energy companies.

Goal: the highest level of maintenance and security and the minimum time "off lease" (the average for an oil tanker is 1.5 days / tanker / year).

The motto of its fleet of oil tankers: for them to be approved by any "Oil Major" at any time. In its history it did not have a single rejection of "Oil Majors", USCG nor PSC.

Our track record has "zero spills"

Our most effective tool was the selection of crewmembers, with the most experienced and properly motivated and stable permanent contracts. We had our own circular books adapted to the ISM and based on a 15 years experience on oil tankers operations. Each vessel had an assigned inspector whose job was to look after and be responsible for maintaining the budget.

Other information:

Job security: 0.2% of working days lost compared to worked hours during its 13 years of operations.

Pollution: We are proud to have "zero spills" in our operating history.