F. Tapias Shipowner: History

Fernando Fernandez-Tapias creates Interroll for transporting cars and trailers. The company hires 8 new constructions (4 roll-on/roll-off ships and 4 carriers).

Amura Shipping is formed with two Suezmax tankers.

Naviera F. Tapias/ F. Tapias Shipowner is formed by buying the subsidiary Naviera Maersk España from A.P. Moller (3 old Suezmarx+ 1 Suezmax tankers Panamax OBO).

Complete renovation of the fleet by purchasing 4 modern Suezmax tankers from Argonaut, Frontline, CNN and Gotaas Larsen.
17 million tons of drinking water transported from Tarragona to Palma in the OBO "Móstoles."
3 Suezmax (double-hull)  tankers ordered at Daewoo. Purchase of M/T "Borja Tapias" from Jorgen Jahre.
Placed orders for 2 LNG vessels, 1 at Daewoo and 1 at Izar Sestao. Took delivery of two Suezmax tankers, on long-term chartered to CEPSA.
Placed orders for 2 additional LNG vessels, 1at Daewoo and 1 at Izar Puerto Real. Took delivery of  the third Suezmax tanker, on long-term chartered to CEPSA.


1Suezmax tanker ordered at Daewoo. Took delivery of the first LNG carrier from Daewoo, long-term chartered to REPSOL YPF.


Took delivery of 1 LNG from Izar Sestao, chartered to Gas Natural SDG.


Took delivery of 2 LNG, 1 from Daewoo chartered to Union Fenosa and 1 from Izar Puerto Real chartered to Repsol YPF. Took delivery of 1 Suezmax tanker from Daewoo.

In May 2004, Naviera F. Tapias/ F. Tapias Shipowner is sold to the Canadian company Teekay Corporation and the foundation of F. Tapias Group takes place.



F. Tapias México SA de CV is formed and begins its activities with two contracts with PEMEX Refining.